City of Pasadena - Agriculture Campus - Milestone Update. Posted on 03 Sep 20:32

As the City pursues the CLARA project, we continue to see real enthusiasm among our educational and public health partners for the model that we andIndoor Harvest Corp. co-developed late in 2014. In less than a year, we've gone from "back of the envelope" planning to a viable organizational structure that was innovative enough to help secure a $250,000 BUILDFoundation grant and national recognition for its approach. With all terms as agreed in the Letter of Intent in place, we are now working on the final Memorandum of Understanding details that ensure the advantageous tax and lease conditions as originally contemplated.

We are impressed with the quality of technology partnerships and networks that Indoor Harvest has forged and see them as an indispensable part of the future direction we plan to take.

We're looking forward to a long and very productive association with Indoor Harvest that will help lift lives, expand opportunities and offer our community the potential to be at theepicenter of this fast-growing industry.
Wayne D Holt, City of Pasadena