City of Pasadena -
Building Integrated Agricultural Campus Posted on 05 Oct 21:47

This Community Located Agriculture Research Area (a.k.a., “CLARA”) will be home to an innovative, industrial-sized program launched by the City of Pasadena to redevelop the northern footprint of their city.

In cooperation with The National Build Health Awareness Initiative For Healthy Living, Indoor Harvest and select retail partners are creating a massive, fully-functional indoor farming facility, showcasing the latest technological and methodological innovations in building integrated agriculture. This state-of-the-art facility will include provisions for public and private tours, classrooms for a broad range of educational services – as well as laboratory space for ongoing research & development of the next generation of indoor farming technologies and methods.

A “first of its kind” model program with a phased development led by commercial and not for profit groups, this project has attracted national attention -- and to set a precedent for the creation of similar publicly/privately funded state-of-the-art indoor agricultural facilities across the United States.

(As an added bonus to the community, all food crops grown in this facility will be donated at low or no cost to various local charitable organizations.)


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