Canopy Growth Corporation (Formally “Tweed Marijuana, Inc.”) Posted on 03 Oct 20:22

Our team of engineers installed a high pressure aeroponic watering system at Tweed’s indoor facility for the production of medicinal cannabis. Throughout the design-build process, Tweed’s in-house R&D team worked closely with us to provide valuable feedback for adopting our core system for mid-to-large scale commercial operations dedicated to growing medicinal plants.

To date, this Pilot Project has produced remarkable results, setting new records for plant growth rates, phytocannabinoid content, water usage, fertilizer usage and reduced labor by utilizing the high pressure aeroponic system(s) provided by Indoor Harvest. The recorded data from this Pilot Project is now being compared to the equivalent data from Tweed's previously existing production methods. At the conclusion of the Pilot Project, upon review of the data, Tweed and Indoor Harvest shall have the option to jointly secure intellectual property rights for the resulting aeroponic system(s) -- and Indoor Harvest will be provided sole manufacturing rights.


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