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Designing energy efficiency into every stage of your facility deployment, from initial concept and design through build-out and start-up.

Controlled environment agriculture demands a marriage between cultivation engineering and specialized facility delivery. Our two phase Design Build process begins by reviewing the farm space and your crop plans before we discuss cultivation methods that are best suited for your operation. Delivering risk assessments, production design along with cultivation platform and facility manufacturing estimate and plans, completes our primary Phase. Phase two begins post design amendments and deploys manufacturing of your farm.

Our platform architects, engineers and project managers examine every aspect of a potential build-out (or upgrade from a legacy platform). We design for your crop in your part of the world's climate using various Hydroponic production methods with a specialty in High Pressure Aeroponic systems.

Together with our partners and suppliers from top agriculture focused HVAC, LED lighting, water reclamation and filtering, we leave no stone unturned in our quest to develop the most comprehensive, productive and efficient indoor growing spaces in the industry.

We have built large & small indoor farms for:

  • Globally admired research campuses.
  • Pharmaceutical groups doing medicinal plant research and production.
  • National organic food production brands.
  • Government subsidized urban redevelopment.

What we deliver through our design services*

  • Custom engineering.
  • Clear and concise cost estimates.
  • Risk assessment.
  • Pre-Construction planning drawings.
  • Manufacturing and sub-contracting.

*We will also design custom platforms for shipping containers, warehouses, business park applications, residential systems and any other indoor grow facility based on customer specifications.

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