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City of Pasadena -
Agriculture Campus

Indoor Harvest is the lead commercial partner and co-developer of the City of Pasadena’s CLARA initiative.

The Community Located Agriculture Research Area (CLARA) is home to a platform initiative launched by the City of Pasadena to redevelop the northern footprint of the city. Indoor Harvest and select retail partners will provide R&D and Commercial indoor farms to support continued education, advancements in the next generation of farming and produce production in cooperation with the National Build Health Awareness initiative for healthy living.

A model first in it’s kind with a phased development led by commercial and not for profit groups, the National exposure and participation from the industry and governmental support paving the way for expansion across the United States, with it’s first agriculture campus located in the state of Texas.


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MIT City Farm

In September of 2013, we made an agreement with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) Media Lab project MITCityFarm, to design and build a wall facade aeroponic system as part of MIT Media Lab's Changing Places research.

With the modularity of the platform we designed, MITCityFarm’s system can easily expand across their 5th floor Media Lab environment. The goal of the design was to maximize the number of concurrent research projects by providing both hydroponic and aeroponic systems as well as six independent process all in one platform.

The platform remains in Operation and used to develop new hardware and automation systems as well as record plant recipes', production and environmental data.


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Tweed Inc

In December of 2014, a pilot agreement with Tweed Marijuana Inc up north, Canada’s largest operator under Health Canada’s MM program, led to the installation of a high pressure aeroponic system for the production of medicinal Cannabis.

During our design build process, Tweed’s in house R&D team worked closely with us to provide valuable feedback in adopting our core system for mid to large scale commercial operators growing medicinal plants.

The Pilot Project will make a record of the growth rate, phytocannabinoid production, water usage, fertilizer usage and labor using the aeroponic system(s) provided by Indoor Harvest. The recorded data from the Pilot Project will be compared to Tweed's existing production methods. At the conclusion of the Pilot Project, upon review of the data, Tweed and Indoor Harvest shall jointly secure intellectual property rights for the resulting aeroponic system(s) (at each Party's discretion as to whether they wish to participate in intellectual property filings) and Indoor Harvest will be provided manufacturing rights.


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