The heart of our current system, The Indoor Harvest® Modular Aeroponic Platform is a patent-pending, fixture-based design for use in creating the mechanical infrastructure for any form of building-integrated agricultural facility.

The system comprises of seven primary fixture components that consist of an Aeroponic Growth Tray, Aeroponic Growth Lid, Aeroponic Spray Manifold, Aeroponic Pressure Manifold, Nutrient Delivery System, Water Reclamation and Recirculation System, and Lift Station. Each of these individual modular fixtures are combined to create custom configurations suitable for any form of indoor growing environment.

Initially designed for the production of leafy greens, micro-greens, fruiting plants and herbs, our products and systems can also be easily adapted for a variety of other uses, such as horticultural research, medicinal plant production, plant cloning and hardwood propagation.


  1. Up to a 95% reduction in water usage.
  2. Up to a 70% reduction in fertilizers.
  3. Accelerated growth rate.
  1. Increased biomass.
  2. Increased phytochemical content.
  3. Sterile production.
    (by eliminating the need for growth mediums & substrates)