Indoor Harvest® Shallow Raft VFRack™ System


The Indoor Harvest® Vertical Farm Racking System is a modular framing system engineered specifically for vertical farming.

The Indoor Harvest® Shallow Raft VFRack™ System is an easy to install, commercial quality, shallow raft vertical farming platform. Each Shallow Raft VFRack™ System comes standard with three levels, offering 216, 336, 432 and 864 plant sites. The system uses Botanicare 4ft X 8ft ID Grow Trays, 115 gallon reservoir and 2ft X 4ft rafts and is designed for the production of leafy greens and herbs. Each unit comes complete with all pumps, plumbing, LED lighting and is ready to grow, just add plants and nutrients. The modular nature of the system allows for easy expansion.

Most importantly, our system is designed specifically for easy assembly of vertical (multi-tier) installations, thus greatly increasing potential crop yield per square foot.

*Since 2005, Illumitex® has been an industry leader in Advanced LED engineering and design for Horticultural, Industrial and Architectural applications.


  1. Integrated LED lighting solution.
  2. Open slot face.
  1. Plug and play.
  2. Reduced installation cost.